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India is a country full of religious , sanskriti ,belief and secrete .every place in India has its own history and mystery.mehandipur balaji temple of Rajasthan is too one such place famous for mysteries and miracles.mehandipur balaji is a Hindu temple located in Dausa district of Rajasthan.This temple is called Balaji temple because in this temple there is an idol of the child form of Hanuman ji.This temple is very special and close to the heart for those who have faith in Lord Hanuman.Because whoever goes to the shelter of Lord Hanuman.Lord Hanuman takes away all their sorrows ,pains ,worries and troubles.

                                                                               In this temple. There is a hole in the left side of the chest of the idol of Hanuman ji. A thin stream of water keeps coming out of this hole. This water is collected in a tank and kept at the feet of Balaji and distributed among all the devotees.

History of Balaji temple

The history of Mehandipur Balaji Temple is almost thousand years old.The story behind this temple is told that once the old Mahant of the temple, who is also known by the name of BabaJi.He saw three Gods in his dream.This was the first sign of the construction of the temple.There the place was full of wild animals and wild trees. Suddenly God appeared and he ordered the Mahant , That they should follow their duty by doing service.

Then worship was started there. Then later three gods were placed there.This temple is very famous in the northern part of India.This temple is looked after by the Mahant. The first Mahant of this temple was Ganesh Puri Ji Maharaj.Presently the Mahant of the temple is Kishore Puri ji.He follows all the religious rules very strictly. There is a temple of Lord Siyaram in front of Balaji temple.

Balaji temple architecture

The architecture of the temple is influenced by the traditional Rajput architecture.The temple has four courtyards, the first two have idols of Bhairav Baba and Balaji.And in the third and fourth there is the courtyard of the chieftain of the evil spirits, Pret Raj, people who are troubled by the evil spirit, they worship here.This temple also attracts people because of its artwork.

Mystery of exorcism

Many miracles have happened at this place. Many people have witnessed this. Those who have seen miracles happen through their eyes. This is the only such temple located in India. Which is known to get rid of problems like black magic and evil spirit. Not only India but people from every corner of the world come here to get rid of the problems related to black magic and evil spirit. The person who is suffering from evil spirits and black magic. He accepts Bundi laddus as Prasad by offering them at the feet of Balaji.And to pacify the evil spirit, he offers rice and urad dal to his Sardar Bhairav Baba.After consuming the Prasad, the person who is suffering from black magic or evil spirit starts acting strange.

Prohibited work in Balaji Temple

ü When you come out of the temple, don’t look back towards the temple.

ü you should not talk to anyone around the temple. Nor should one try to touch anyone.

ü If you are going to your home, then neither the prasad there nor any edible item there can not take anything. It is forbidden over there.